Exercise VS. Diet — Now Revealed!

Trying to lose weight can be difficult especially if you are always playing video games such as Gardenscapes New Acres, and while we all know a good combination of exercise and diet is essential, which one is more important? If you had to choose, should you be hitting the gym, or eating salads? There are many ways you can burn a few hundred calories; running for 20 minutes, an hour of surfing, or singing your favorite song 23 times – in fact we have a whole video dedicated to weird ways of burning calories.

But the point is, it takes time to burn a significant amount of calories even with strenuous activity – not to mention the extra barrier of traveling to the gym, and then coming home to clean up. Now, compare this to the number of calories in, say, a chocolate bar – which is often over 200 Calories. You could either walk for about an hour to burn that 200 calories or you could simply not eat that chocolate bar. Which sounds easier to you?

How about running for 30 minutes every day or cutting out those two cans of soda? Many physicians point out that there is a lot of high-sugar, high-fat, high calorie foods we could cut from our diet, to see weight loss results more quickly. And studies tend to show that diet does indeed play a bigger role in weight loss than exercise. A 2011 meta-analysis of children found that their level of physical activity was not the main determining factor of their weight.

And a study of 3000 adults found that minimizing calories was linked to greater weight loss maintenance than exercise alone. Furthermore, studies comparing industrialized and developing countries show that the rate of physical activity is fairly similar between the two, making activity and exercise an unlikely culprit for obesity rates in the industrial world. Of course, a combination of diet and exercise would yield the best results long term.

And exercise has many health benefits beyond weight loss, like slowing the aging process and improving mental health. But at the end of the day, if you’re looking to lose weight, you’re likely to get more bangs for your buck if you focus on your diet first.

Radar Rants: Football 5003

It’s football season again. Actually it’s more than halfway through football season. It’s that special time of year when we spend countless hours in front of the TV, a beer in one hand, a bag of chips in the other, screaming at the idiots on the field and at our wives/girlfriends for not getting us another beer fast enough. This is the average household on any given Sunday. Of course, it’s from these same households that you’ll hear the words, “There’s never enough time in the day.”

I’m not really a football fan. I used to be, but when I got old enough to actually figure out that a football game that should take an hour really takes four hours, I had enough. I have better things to do with my time. Besides that, I couldn’t control what went on with the players. I’d be watching TV and see the perfect opening for my team to run through, but they’d pass. Or I’d see a receiver wide open down the field and they’d run it. It seemed to me to be a big waste of time.

Most people watch football to see if their team is gonna make it to the Superbowl. That’s pretty much the only reason. If two teams you hate are on the Superbowl, it doesn’t mean that much. But if you’ve watched your team rise from the bottom and work their way up the ladder to the biggest game all year, you’re gonna really enjoy yourself. Of course, working against this is the time factor. If you don’t have enough time, sitting in front of the TV all day isn’t helping the situation any.

But NFL2K1, my Dreamcast and myself came up with the solution. NFL2K1 has been said to be the greatest football game ever. Possibly even better than the real thing. It’s got that funky AI programming that gives the game life and makes the players seem real. I figured whatever the human mind can come up with in terms of plays, the AI in NFL2K1 could do just as well. Since I didn’t want any human contamination to mix in with the game, I set up the game to play out an entire season automatically. Then I hit start and let the game go on its merry way. Sometimes one can really distinguish the advantages of playing the latest Fifa 17 compared to the retro NFL2k1.

It only took a little time for the game to come up with the end result. After some hard-fought battles, or what I guess are hard-fought battles for the computer, the Dreamcast came up with the two teams who will be in the Superbowl — the Titans and the Rams. The final score: Titans 27, Rams 24. All of this in just a few minutes! Pretty neat, huh?

Now that pesky time problem is solved. There’s no more need to lounge in front of the TV for hours on end just to see who’s gonna win the Superbowl in January. There’s no more need to complain about not having enough time, either. I’ve just given the football fans the solution. They can now get all the work done that they want to.

I’m here to help. And now that my Dreamcast and I have solved yet another of life’s irritating little problems, I can go back to sitting in front of the TV, playing Dreamcast games, eating chips and drinking beer. Life don’t get much better than this.

Mike had aspirations of being a football player at one point in his life. Then he realized there was actual work involved.

Simple Illustration of How Bullets Works In A Video Game

Digitally shots fired in a video game often look pretty similar especially in FPS but as far as the physics are concerned how does a projectile hit a target what exactly is the process in place that gives you the end result of a shooting game. Is it really a virtual projectile headed for a target at breakneck speed or is it something else?



Today we wants to ask the question how do projectiles work in video games. Everybody likes to be thrill some people go skydiving, some people go mountain climbing and a lot of people without a death wish play video games. What’s great about video games you can experience situations that you might not ever see or even desire to see in real life and get kind of a taste of what that type of situation might be like. I’m not saying all of them are accurate there obviously all built to be the most thrilling version of that as possible and in reality people in the military for instance can sit around four months before anything happens. Nonetheless what could be more thrilling than simulating a situation in which you’re near death at all times I mean besides actually living it because I really don’t want to be near death at all times.


We’ve talked about it before but oftentimes video games are violent for more than one reason and in the case of a shooter it’s at least partially about creating a sense of urgency but in order to do all that there’s a lot of systems in place to simulate things. A shooter game without bullets or some type of projectile simulation is not a shooter game so we’re not gonna go back massively far this isn’t a history video back to the days of Counter-Strike the original Counter-Strike and you know games like Golden Eye 007 stuff that’s really fun but maybe a little primitive by today’s standards. These games use geometry for all the objects the characters, the power-ups, the walls are all geometry as such math calculations can be used in order to determine if something was about to hit something. In these more primitive games and a lot of new games where maybe the realism is at the highest priority a process called the hit scan is used. The illustration of a bullet’s physics in a game is like the demonstration of Clash Royale’s strategy as RTS. It was clearly said in clashroyalehack.fr that this game is a breakthrough and it will be as big or even bigger than COC.



Now a hit scan in this kind of the game dev version of the term ray casting which is a mathematical / rendering time that projects a line and typically could go on forever but if the ray happens to hit something and is obviously program to be able to hit something it returns a value that value is where the bullet would hit. What this actually behaves like is more of a laser and we don’t really have laser guns it’s not completely realistic. That being said having an animation that looks like you shot a bullet and having the place where the bullet would hit act as a collision point whether it be on wall or on a character pretty much looks correct that’s basically how first-person shooters did this is especially during their rise in popularity.

Xbox Bogus Cards

Slow driving in the news lane means it’s time for fun with everyone’s favorite wacky journalistic pal: Mr. Speculation. Yet another image of the Xbox has been “leaked” (in other words, photoshopped by fanboys) and is currently making the rounds. We’re not going to bother asking Microsoft to verify the latest, but that doesn’t prevent us from joining in the speculative fun. Here are most of the leaked images, as well as some new ones courtesy of Daily Radar. And to help you collectors out there, we’ve even put them on trading cards so you can swap with your friends. Neat! Now you can collect the whole set.

This classic take on the console pattern reveals the shocking news that not only will Xbox play DVDs, but it will even support 8K carts.

Here we see the Xbox doubling as a hot plate. Since the heat sinks are built right into the top in this model, players can warm up a cup of Ramen Noodles while they munch on Munch.

This particularly hideous version features a clamshell DVD design and no place to plug in the controllers.

The Xbox team gives a nod to history by designing their new console to look exactly like the ENIAC, the first of those new-fangled “computing machines.”

The Xbox 9000 not only features first-rate voice recognition, but can read lips as well.

Few people realize that the new nVidia chip actually comes in the form of three vacuum tubes.

This spiffy version of the Xbox will be sold exclusively at Sears.

This stylish design will perfectly match your inflatable furniture and lava lamp.

Yes, of course, there might be bogus cards circulating. But not everything is bogus, as far as gaming is concern. Here is concrete proof — Clash Royale is the real deal. You can generate free gems for your account. Go test it out and see for yourself.

Scrutinizing Boom Beach – The Game by SuperCell

There’s so much wrong with Boom Beach cheats that it’s hard to find a place to start. The story revolves around portals that the insidious uses to enter the real world. Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman make their heroic return to chase the good General down and close off all the portals. Their adventures will take them to all manner of battlefields – from pool table tops to under the bed — but the environments are mostly an incongruous mess and not particularly evocative of real-world environs.

Boom Beach’s gameplay is looking pretty wretched too. Missions are split into four types — Destroy, Defend, Rescue and Puzzle — but they all play pretty much the same. The first level involves protecting fellow soldiers, but since they don’t defend themselves or suffer any damage, it’s more a matter of simply finishing off all of the enemies. This wouldn’t be so bad were not the green and tan colors so remarkably similar. Most of the time it’s easier to just keep shooting and hope for the best. Some levels end when players reach the appropriate portal, and some require them to actually hop through it — inconsistencies such as these reek of a half-assed production.

Awkward controls and some curious design decisions make getting the job done twice as difficult. The analog or digital pads make the characters move forward or backward and swivel left or right. It’s a classic scheme marred by lack of responsiveness — swiveling can only be achieved after coming to a complete stop. Anything less than a full second in place will send the character running off at some odd angle — unless SuperCell can fix this one, players will be madly running off cliffs left and right (in the game, that is).

The training mission, so bad it’s practically unfinishable, is a perfectly ironic illustration of all the categories in which Boom Beach is lacking. Objectives and tutorials are ambivalent, and so are success and failure for that matter. One scenario has the player negotiating a field of mines. With an allotted two-minute limit, it’s not the most challenging tutorial in the world, but it will probably take most players less than that time to reach a state of sheer lividness. The mines have a wide area of object detection, so wading gingerly through them is no more likely to prevent getting blasted as walking straight ahead. At certain points, the player can actually trigger continuous explosions simply by standing near the mines. On the other hand, picking up items can require a maddening degree of precision. An inspirational message (usually along the lines of “let’s get these guys”) pops up when the player is directly adjacent to a new weapon, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the item has been acquired. We’ll chalk this one up to game balancing and hope for the best.

There are some (faint) signs of promise, but it seems unlikely they’ll help to salvage this mess. The music is good. Really good. Reminiscent of marching parades and John Williams fanfare, it’s clean and clear and evocative of cheerful military patriotism. That’s not to say, however, that the sound effects are up to par. The cutscenes are nice enough, and the in-game graphics — when static — aren’t too bad. The effects are as mixed a bag as anything else; fogging in the sewers is so blatantly comprised of squares it’s as though the player were wading through translucent tiling. Some of the explosion and particle effects are pretty nicely done, so it’s a good thing there are a lot of them.

There are so few things we’re looking forward to in Boom Beach cheats that we’re half hoping it gets pulled — in the best interest of gamers everywhere of course. Playing with plastic soldiers is pretty cool, and it seems an appropriate enough genre for the games that have replaced playing outside — why waste money on melted soldiers when it can be done on the TV? For the most part, however, we’re disappointed that yet another lackluster title in Boom Beach is on the march this winter. Not surprised, just disappointed. Check the Daily Radar for progress reports — we’ll have the final word in a few weeks.